Master Marilag

Learn More About Online Sessions and Webinars. You can register by choosing the event you want to join in below.
Learn More About Online Sessions and Webinars. You can register by choosing the event you want to join in below.

Current Events and Programs

Free Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude session
Every Monday (9:00am to 10:00am)
This is a free session and is open to all. This will be streamed live in Facebook, Youtube and Instagram Every Monday from 9:00 am to 10:00am NY EDT. Please Follow to get notified when the session goes live.
Monthly New Moon Meditation and Lecture
This session is happening every month once in the morning and once in the evening. Register by clicking on the buttons below
There will be NO MORNING SESSION for Gemini New Moon
Gemini New Moon (Evening Session)
June 19 (8pm to 10pm NY EDT)
Sacred Money Archetypes
10 sessions beginning June 5, 2023
Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes®, revealing the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future.
Beauty and Weight Loss Program
12 sessions beginning June 29
This is a series of 12 sessions in the months of June to September. It will be held every Thursday morning and evening.

Real beauty is about shedding the emotional garbage like stress, anxiety, worries, fears, anger, sadness, resentments, self-blame, self-guilt and poor self-image thus increasing the inner light which will radiate and ooze out from the pores of the skin.

You will get healed during each session - a total of twelve healings.
Healing the Subconscious Mind
These are the 13 video recordings of the live sessions held on Jan to Mar 2022

It's time to improve every area of your life. It will bring clarity, joy, harmony, purpose, freedom, good health, enhanced spiritual growth, prosperity and more.

Get 6 months of access to 13 recording sessions which are also available in Spanish and Portuguese translations.
21-Day Gratitude Practice
For those who missed joining my 21-day Gratitude Sessions live, you can now access the video recordings for three months to insure that you practice and incorporate gratitude in your daily practice to improve every aspect of your life.
Life Mastery Program
A 6-month program for radical personal transformation Learn to live with a greater level of awareness, enabling you to create the life you desire much more easily and effectively. This 6-months coaching program is strictly for women only.

Design Your Dream Life
The intimate, one-year coaching program & community designed to crystalize your vision, increase your balance, AND create the life you’ve always wanted while living in harmony in all areas of your life - love and relationships, health and well-being, career and success, AND time and money freedom!