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Learn More About Online Sessions and Webinars. You can register by choosing the event you want to join in below.
Learn More About Online Sessions and Webinars. You can register by choosing the event you want to join in below.

Current Events and Programs

Free Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude session
Every Monday (9:00am to 10:00am)
This is a free session and is open to all. This will be streamed live in Facebook, Youtube and Instagram Every Monday from 9:00 am to 10:00am NY EDT. Please Follow to get notified when the session goes live.
Monthly New Moon Meditation and Lecture
This session is happening every month once in the morning and once in the evening. Register by clicking on the buttons below
There will be no Aquarius New Moon for the month of January.

Pisces New Moon (Morning Session)
February 21 (9am to 11am NY EST)
Pisces New Moon (Evening Session)
February 20 (8pm to 10pm NY EST)
Healing the Subconscious Mind
These are the 13 video recordings of the live sessions held on Jan to Mar 2022

It's time to improve every area of your life. It will bring clarity, joy, harmony, purpose, freedom, good health, enhanced spiritual growth, prosperity and more.

Get 6 months of access to 13 recording sessions which are also available in Spanish and Portuguese translations.
Pranic Psychic Self-Defense
March 10 and 11 (6pm to 10pm NY EST)
March 12 (6pm to 10pm NY EDT)
The Art of Psychic Self-Defense is a revolutionary approach to protect oneself and loved ones against physical, etheric, emotional, mental and psychic contamination and attacks whether unconscious or deliberate in our energy fields and environment. This course is a must for energy workers and people who work in stressful environment.
Pranic Crystal Healing
March 11 and 12 (9am to 5pm NY EDT)
This workshop gives more advanced healers and spiritual workers a better understanding of the natural powers and qualities of crystals and its subsequent application as a tool in Advanced Pranic Healing techniques.
Pranic Facelift and Body Sculpting
March 13 and 14 (9am to 5pm NY EDT)
The Pranic Face Lift & Pranic Body Sculpting workshop basically introduces the application of Pranic Healing dealing with health and beauty.

Using specific combination of color Pranas and techniques, your skin can look 10 to 20 years younger and your body thinner and sexier.

This workshop helps you look prettier and lose weight just by using the knowledge of subtle energy – no surgery, exhausting exercises, or medicine needed.
Power of Vision Board​
Whatever you dream, whatever your heart desires, whatever you hold in your mind, and whatever it is that you wrote on your journal that you want to accomplish, putting them into pictures and using the group energy to bless your goals, make your dreams manifest more rapidly.
Come and join this fun activity where you can have your children join to create family goals for 2023.

Feedback from last year's participants reported that the dreams that they had placed on their vision board had 95 -100% manifested.

This Session is open to all
21-Day Gratitude Practice
For those who missed joining my 21-day Gratitude Sessions live, you can now access the video recordings for three months to insure that you practice and incorporate gratitude in your daily practice to improve every aspect of your life.
Design Your Dream Life
The intimate, one-year coaching program & community designed to crystalize your vision, increase your balance, AND create the life you’ve always wanted while living in harmony in all areas of your life - love and relationships, health and well-being, career and success, AND time and money freedom!

Classes will start on March 2, 2023. Reserve your slot now!
Life Mastery Program
A 6-month program for radical personal transformation Learn to live with a greater level of awareness, enabling you to create the life you desire much more easily and effectively. This 6-months coaching program is strictly for women only.

Classes will start on March 2, 2023. Reserve your slot now!
Arhatic Yoga Retreat
March 17-19, 2023
Join Master Pranic Healers and fellow Arhatic Yoga practitioners for 3 days of inner transformation, cleansing, joy, fellowship, spiritual lectures, growth, renewed inspiration, fun, blissful meditations, healing on all levels and more…​