GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui

The Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga


The Visionary
This charismatic visionary has penchant for motivating his disciples and students to become better persons and bring their best in every endeavor and become one-pointed in aim and effort as they want to help see the Teacher’s vision realized. He always have bright ideas to move the “Work” and he does not take NO for an answer as he believes that there is always a way through every problem. GrandMaster Choa’s skills and undoubted passion has been empowered to his senior disciples so they can be harnessed for the benefit of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

Founder of Modern Pranic Healing
GrandMaster Choa conceived a comprehensive method designed to cleanse and energize the energy system which permeates the physical body, thereby accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself. GrandMaster Choa demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing the physical as well as the psyche.

The Scientist
GrandMaster Choa’s background as a chemical engineer led him to carefully develop tested and replicable techniques which encompass this modality. Through extensive research, experimentation and validation he cultivated the art and science of Pranic Healing, which offers the ideal balance of science and spirituality for holistic health and success.

The Teacher
Through his pragmatic teaching methodology, students are able to obtain volumes of lessons, relevant for an entire lifetime, in a relatively short period of time. The combination of his experience and wisdom as a father, self-made successful businessman, adept scientist and spiritual teacher are palpable in the way Pranic Healing addresses the real needs of everyday life.

The Author
The dynamic style of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui’s teaching is reflected in the direct, uncluttered style of his writing. By ready his books, one rapidly gains insight into the principles of life energy and their modern day applications such as in healing, good health, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual growth and an abundant life. By re-discovering many ancient esoteric “secrets” and understanding their daily applications in life, practitioners find themselves enjoying life more fully with less stress and greater fullfilment. He wrote and published 22 books translated in over 27 languages covering topics that include healing, spirituality and psychic self-defense.

Founder of Arhatic Yoga
For those seeking to be on the spiritual path, GrandMaster Choa developed Arhatic Yoga, an advanced meditation system that combines powerful yoga and meditation practices that aim to accelerate oneness with the Higher Soul leading to soul realization. GrandMaster Choa designed the system for everyone, so that each person can easily practice Arhatic Yoga while still being able to pursue a normal life.

The Grand Master Pranic Healer
GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui became a true Master of Energy through his incessant love for humanity. In all five continents GrandMaster Choa offered his time around class time to heal attendees and their loved ones. Many were healed instantly from chronic ailments – both physical and psychological. The degree of proficiency achieved during his lifetime is remarkable and an inspiration to all who are interested in the healing arts.

The Philanthropist
GrandMaster Choa was born in a wealthy family, yet his heart was filled with compassion and generosity for those who suffer from pain, poverty and lack of education. Through global mission of Pranic Healing, GrandMaster Choa established several humanitarian projects which feed the hungry, provide help to the sick intelligence, he ensured that all the funds actually go to help those in need instead of covering operational costs. This ingenious approach has given the opportunity for thousands of Pranic Healers around the world to partake in healing the communities they live in, thereby making the world a better place and experiencing the bliss that comes from serving others in need.


Master Marilag has changed my life on every level. Although I am an Arhatic yogi, before following her online courses I had the worries and problems of most people. Through her loving, generous expert teachings, I have learned to discard all inner obstacles that prevented me from a life of joy, peace and prosperity. With her help I have raised the standards of my life on all levels and have maintained them. She has taught me how to find my inner heart's desire and how to pursue it till I succeed in it. She has shown me how prosperity is a condition of the mind, and beauty is a matter of the will. How gratitude can shape my life, and how to heal during a meditation. Master Marilag has given me all the tools, the love and support every step of the way. She is truly a star of loving kindness shinning brightly her pink and gold light.

- Evita Myriam (Esoteric Arithmosophy Expert)

Master Marilag has helped to inspire and awaken the love and beauty in my life. I used to hide how I looked and I how I felt, I was withdrawn and very shy. Through her wisdom and guidance I have reconnected to who I am as a woman and come to peace with so many areas of my self worth. I can now truly celebrate who I am both inside and out. Her on-line classes are deeply transformational and powerfully healing. I always feel more connected to who I am and the potential I have for my own life. The time we spend in group on-line feels safe, joyful and thought provoking. I would love to be a full time student! Thank you Master Marilag for sharing your beauty, love and light with us all, it has brought forth those same qualities in my life.

- Dawn Myers (Pranic Healing Instructor and Life Coach from Atlanta, Georgia)

Master Marilag for me represents endless opportunities, the most important is to make my heart grow, to make it softer, more intelligent and predominant in my conscience. Master Marilag is my soul family, she always teaches me with laughter. With her I can be myself and feel secure. There has not been a single word or a single feeling that I shared with Master Marilag that hasn’t been solved quickly and properly. Creativity and transformation, another point of view she shares with all of us and make us more complete. And that's what I see, many children from all over the world gathered together to learn wonderful things about how to heal, how to forgive, how to manifest the greatness of the heart.She has the deep knowledge that helps you develop more fluently in a world where everything seems to be upside down, the wisdom and mastery of Master Marilag's heart straighten out the twisted. An example to follow, actions full of virtues that inspire me to be better and tell me how to achieve it with an infinite motherly affection. In the first course that I took, the presence of the angels strengthened me to face the difficult situations of life that I experienced, to the extent that everything bad that happened was transformed into something positive. The noxious people either went away or became positive. All the stages of my projects have been fulfilled. I achieve multiple tasks and at the same time I did not know what I was capable of doing. I am recovering my spiritual practice. I'm starting my UBER business. My construction business is materializing properly. A wonderful improvement is that I am able to say thank you very easily to the people that have done bad things to me in the past. I have a miracle every moment of my life happening. There are many more miracles, skills, good habits that I have learned in recent months with Master Marilag, I feel deeply happy and grateful, blessed, fortunate for everything I have, everything I improve, everything I can give. Thanks to you Master Marilag that you are brave and patient enough to teach me.

- Pablo M. Castillo (Pranic Healer and Friend)

Master Marilag’s classes are not only full of wisdom and practical information that can change one’s life but also filled with so much love and sweetness. Her uplifting and unique style of teaching makes even the most abstract concepts easy to understand. She lovingly guides her students at every step of the way. I always found myself leaving each event with a smile, feeling happier and healthier than before. I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of her online sessions as well. The healing and positive shifts after each of them were swift and clearly visible. I’m truly in awe in of her ability to help with so many areas of my life from emotional healing to physical and even career! She really helped me shine and I am truly grateful to have the privilege to learn from such an amazing teacher and healer. If you ever get to attend to any of her events, whether online or in person, or listen to her meditations, run, don’t walk, and join them. You’ll be making a great investment towards a happier, shinier and more successful you!

- Birkan Tore (Angel Psychic Medium and Intuit from Atlanta)

Master Marilag Mendoza- one of the only 8 Master Pranic Healers in the world and a senior disciple of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, descendant from the Philippines but an American at work. I have been very fortunate to be exposed to all the masters in Pranic Healing and very blessed to learn from Master Marilag. She has a unique style filled with beauty, laughter, knowledge, wisdom, skills, techniques and among all that is he unique gift of inspiring & empowering people. She loves to heal people and enjoys treating people for all kinds of problems they might come to her with. Wether you learn in person in the center at New Jersey or at A beach in Peurto Rico or online on one of her zoom sessions, they are filled with tons of energy and power. Very loving and generous as a person, wants everybody to grow and shine. Wether it is a beauty session or a meditation for deep stillness and spirituality or one of her most sort after prosperity sessions, they r truly a gift for the attendees who are always inspired with new add ons to what they already know or gain clarity in the lessons they want to learn. Humble and kind, straightforward with a child like laughter which is so contagious. We seldom meet powerful people who are easily approachable, friendly and inclusive. Master Marilag is one of those unique souls, a sincere disciple of her Teacher and an awesome teacher for her students.

- Dr. Prashant Ganapathy (Mumbai, India)

Since 2004, I have had the honor and pleasure to work with and be taught by Master Marilag Mendoza. Each of us look for a coach/mentor/healer who walks her talk right? Well she is an embodiment of great living; being a devoted wife, loving mother of three thriving adult children, successful business owner, humble student of MCKS, world traveler, accomplished musician and Master Pranic Healer to thousands of people around the world. She always has time for a kind word, loving action or kick in the butt when needed. I am so grateful to her guidance, for she uplifted me during my darkest times and inspired me to eventually live my Soul's purpose. I highly recommend working with Master Marilag.

- Christian R Long (Life Enhancement Consultant)

My experience with Master Marilag has been an extraordinary BLESSING! From our very first contact, she projected Love, Healing and Guidance to me. She has taught me to be a Better Person, Student, Teacher and HEALER! The Life I have today could not, would not have happened without the Direct interaction of this GREAT TEACHER and Friend. I love you, mind and Soul, forever!

- Reverend Kenneth Ravenstar (Teacher and Spiritual Counselor from Flagstaff, Arizona)

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